About the Initiative

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic laid bare the human cost of housing injustice in the United States, access to housing has been one of the dominant drivers of race and gender inequity in this country. While there has been a deep and rich history of housing organizing and policy advocacy, this moment demands that we join together to employ new tools to frame the debate and create meaningful change.  

Community Change, PolicyLink, and Race Forward are working with local, state, and national advocates to advance a housing justice narrative intended to achieve our goals of racial justice and homes for all. 

Phase I of this work, from December 2019 through August 2020, and with the support of Funders for Housing and Opportunity, entails collaborating on a public opinion research project to develop tools and strategies for effective housing narratives.

Our work draws from lessons learned from the Race-Class Narrative Project, as well as research and analysis from ASO Communications from summer 2019. For this project, we contracted with Lake Research Partners to conduct a series of focus groups in early 2020 followed by a national phone poll that concluded in late April. (See results below.)

This site offers lessons and narrative tools from housing and racial justice partners and allies, government staff, and philanthropy who are working for housing justice including affordable housing, renter’s rights, ending homelessness, and other policies that ensure homes for all.